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631 – Exciting new engines power business car future

Story: Ralph | Posted 13 February 2012 | In Blogs, Editor's blog

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New Ford Focus 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine promises business car drivers low company car tax and good economy - but it's not a diesel

Ford Focus EcoBoost: lightweight engine, heavyweight fuel economy


Editor’s Blog on new engine technology

Engines. There have been some interesting announcements in the last few weeks that have caught my eye.

The first was Ford’s new 1.0 litre engine for the Ford Focus.

It’s part of their EcoBoost range – smaller and more efficient petrol engines with turbos that boost power, improve fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions to the benefit of business drivers with company car tax to pay.

Ford’s fleet boss Kevin is a big fan. “I think we will do very well with these in the future as they develop,” Kevin told me. “We see them as a big part of the business car future, particulalry as the cost of diesel engines rise, which will put pressure on the car’s P11d value, and will have an effect on overall benefit in kind company car tax – and not forgetting that diesels also have a 3 per cent company car tax surcharge.”

Interesting. As, indeed, will be this new 1.0 litre. In the five-door Ford Focus it will be available in two power trim states: 125ps, 56.5mpg and CO2 emissions of 114g/km (a company car tax band of 13%); or 100ps with 58.9mpg and best-in-class petrol CO2 emissions of 109g/km (company car tax remains at 13%).

It’s also a three-cylinder. And I love the off-beat thrum of a theee. I’m going to drive it this week. I’ll let you know what it’s like.

Another was the stonking new twin turbo diesel for the Audi A6. This is some engine, and I bet it’s fabulous in the Avant, creating an elegant estate car with crushing low down shove and go performance when you want it.

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