BMW, i3, electric, car
BMW i3
BMW, i3, electric, car
1,000 BMW i3s have found UK owners already, the sell out i8 will only add to the electric brand’s success

WITH 1,000 BMW i3 models finding homes in the UK, BMW has revealed more information about the buyers of its electric cars.

Which make up some of the 10,000 BMW i3 cars registered globally.

Of the 1,000 sold, 60 per cent were the range extender, which on top of the all-electric powertrain, has an on-board petrol-powered generator. The generator can then be fired up when the electric power runs out, to continue any journey and avoid the range anxiety associated with other electric cars.

The remaining 40 per cent was made up of the pure electric version, with BMW believing this will go up over time, once a national charging network is in place.

BMW admits it was surprised at the 80 per cent take up of its bespoke i Wallbox Pure, for charging at home. Plus, a further 50 per cent have taken up the Charge Now ‘Pay as you go’ charging service.

The German car company was also able to give us details of how customers charge their BMW i3. Obviously, with the popularity of the i Wallbox Pure, most owners charge their cars at home. With public charging seen as a backup.

i3 customers are an inquisitive bunch, apparently asking lots of questions and an in-depth knowledge of the product.

The popularity of BMW’s i electric brand doesn’t stop at the i3, as despite the i8 supercar’s recent introduction, it is sold out until September 2016.

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