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BVRLA welcomes progress on abolition of the tax disc

Story: David Wilkins | Posted 20 December 2012 | In Car news, Company car tax

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A familiar site on windscreens since 1921, but is it about to fade away?

THE BVRLA has welcomed the news that the Department of Transport is considering abolishing the tax disc.

For as long as anyone can remember this small circular slip of paper, displayed in the lower nearside corner of a car’s windscreen, has served as evidence that the required Vehicle Excise Duty (or road tax) has been paid. If the DoT’s plans go ahead, road tax will still be payable but the administrative burden on businesses will get a lot lighter because all of the work associated with physically procuring the discs and making sure that they are displayed correctly, will be eliminated.

Online payments and renewals have already streamlined the payment of road tax quite a bit and are now being used by about half of all car owners. The authorities can easily check whether road tax has already been paid on a particular vehicle without physically inspecting its tax disc, so doing away with the disc itself is a logical next step.

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