Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Porsche Reviews

All the latest Porsche company car reviews are here.

Porsche Macan S Diesel

Macan and Panamera will spear drive for Porsche business car sales

PORSCHE is gathering momentum with its first concerted initiative specifically to identify and target business car users. Porsche's recently-appointed corporate sales chief  Jonathan Maynard acknowledging that "in the past we have...

Porsche Macan car review – made for Mayfair, mud and motorway

Very quick, very refined, very capable, and by no means ridiculous as a company car option.

Porsche Panamera diesel car review: pace, grace and space

Exquisite, high-speed, trans-continental cruiser that can be surprisingly frugal when required.

Porsche 911 Targa returns to its roots

PORSCHE caused a big stir at the Detroit Motor Show with the latest version of the 911 Targa. After experimenting with complicated glass tops on recent models, Porsche has decided to return...

Porsche Macan makes its first UK appearance – at Harrods

PORSCHE has shown its new mid-sized Macan SUV in Britain for the first time with a shop window display at the famous department store Harrods. The UK starting line-up will feature three...

Porsche Panamera plug-in hybrid car review: for your high speed, tax dodging, luxury commute

The Panamera plug-in hybrid is all of these things. No road tax, no congestion charge, paltry company car tax, or that lovely 100% first year write down allowance.

Porsche introduces low-tax Panamera plug-in hybrid

THE Porsche Panamera may seem like an unlikely tax-beater but a new plug-in hybrid version, the Panamera S E-Hybrid, not only dodges the London Charge but qualifies for free road tax...
Porsche Macan S Diesel

Macan: the new baby Porsche SUV

OK, START saving all you SME directors and small business owners. We think you’ll want one of these. It’s the new baby Porsche SUV. It’s a full 4x4 like the Cayenne. Only...
Jaguar F Type

Prestige cars – what’s hot and what’s not in June

What's hot? There are signs that the pressure on Porsche residuals over the last few years continues to ease. Strong competition and increased supply have given Porsche a run for its money but...
Porsche Cayman

New Porsche Cayman car review – longer, lighter, quicker, better

There wasn’t a whole lot wrong with the Porsche Cayman, but now Porsche has produced an even better, all-new one. Lucky you if you can score one as a company car.

‘Ring-tuned Insignia GSi blasts in priced from under £35k

Vauxhall has announced prices for the all-new Insignia GSi - a real mover but with close on 200g/km CO2 is in the top band for company car tax

Job-hunting with a driving offence conviction

A motoring conviction can involve a lengthy driving ban, which not only affects your daily life but can mean job-hunting with a driving offence conviction

Government blamed as 27,000-car diesel dive drives down November registrations

UK diesel registrations down 30.6% - more than 27,000 fewer cars - on November 2016 UK new car demand falls 11.2% in November...

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