Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tesla Reviews

All the latest Tesla company car reviews are here.

Tesla Model S 60kWh

Tesla Model S 60kWh review: fast mover dodges the tax man

Company Car Review of the Tesla Model S 60kW What is it? RIGHT now the 60kwh version of the Model S is the entry point into Tesla ownership. It retains the space age looks,...

Tesla Model S – the future of electric motoring charges into the UK

THE Tesla Model S has arrived in the UK at last – with right-hand drive. Tesla describes the Model S as an “uncompromised electric car” a reference to its 312 mile range...

Tesla Model S car review: the unbelievable truth

Huge luxury saloon: no company car tax, no road tax, no congestion charge and 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. Go figure.

2014 will see SMEs turn to hybrids and electric cars

Lloyds' SME sustainability survey The Lloyds banking survey of SMEs and sustainability reported that the key benefits felt by SMEs engaging in sustainability were: 54% believed it reduced their costs 42% reported it made...

Electric car maker Tesla aims for BMW 3 Series action with next generation EV

THE electric car maker Tesla– famed for the startling performance of its all-electric Roadster – is planning an assault on the compact executive saloon company car market. Tesla says its next generation...

New electric Tesla Model S sports saloon now on contract hire from £750

HEARD of the Tesla Model S yet? You might have done – it’s the super saloon that can sprint from 0-62mph in 4.2 secs and has fuel economy of…Ummm, well it doesn’t. It’s...

Fleetdrive takes Tesla Model S on exclusive nationwide test drive events

FLEETDRIVE, specialist in green fleet leasing, has announced further exclusive test drive events of the Tesla Model S sports hatch electric vehicle (EV). Following from the company’s launch event at their Buckinghamshire...

‘Ring-tuned Insignia GSi blasts in priced from under £35k

Vauxhall has announced prices for the all-new Insignia GSi - a real mover but with close on 200g/km CO2 is in the top band for company car tax

Job-hunting with a driving offence conviction

A motoring conviction can involve a lengthy driving ban, which not only affects your daily life but can mean job-hunting with a driving offence conviction

Government blamed as 27,000-car diesel dive drives down November registrations

UK diesel registrations down 30.6% - more than 27,000 fewer cars - on November 2016 UK new car demand falls 11.2% in November...

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