Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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The Business Car Manager blog is where the editor Ralph Morton gives us the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the automotive industry, whether it’s the latest car launch or the issues of running a small business. Occasionally we also invite guest bloggers to provide their own insight on the automotive world and business cars in particular.

David Hanna new head of fleet VWCV

David Hanna moves to old buddy James Douglas at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

SOME business news. Volkswagen tells me there's a new a new head of fleet for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: David Hanna. David is taking over from Chris Black who has left the organisation...
The monthly cost of a phone is now more than a car

A car for less than the price of a phone

WHEN I’m speaking to small business owners about car leasing I often liken it your mobile phone contract. It’s a monthly fee that you pay to rent a phone and airtime. Car leasing...
Company car driver tax

Company car drivers getting a raw deal on tax

IT’S not easy being a company car driver. Don’t get me wrong, having a company car is still a big benefit: someone else pays for your car, pays for your insurance, pays...
Bang and Olufsen tweeter Audi A8

Audi 3D sound for rear seat passengers offers ‘audible’ luxury

I CAN’T wait to drive the new Audi A8. But perhaps not quite for the reasons you might imagine. I’m pretty sure the luxury driving experience will be exceptional – of that...
MG small fleet

Why the MG brand could be your next company car

MG’s Matthew Cheyne outlines the company’s SME small fleet company car strategy based on personal service and good value MG. Perhaps not the first choice on your company car list. But the Chinese-owned...
SME car rental

Five reasons for an SME to think car rental

I THINK sometimes car rental gets put in its ‘holiday only’ car rental pigeon hole by many owners of SME firms. And yet car rental can be a valuable tool in keep...
rusting car next to fuel pump

The road to carbon-geddon

SO, that’s it then. Goodbye petrol car, goodbye diesel. The government has put them on the chopping block for 2040 – that’s some 23 years away, or about three car generations –...
Jaguar's Jon Wackett

Jaguar’s Jon Wackett on what makes an award-winning car for SMEs

EARLIER this year, the Jaguar F-Pace was voted Best Director’s Car in our SME Company Car of the Year Awards. Now, you might think that this award was made by a bunch...

Why OnStar makes the Astra a real winner

AT the beginning of this year, we announced our SME Company Car of the Year winners. The overall winner was the Vauxhall Astra - in Tech Line 1.6CDTi 110PS ecoFLEX S/S trim...
Leasing Options Opera day Operatic Operator

Car leasing firm offers operatic welcome

IT’S not every day that  you call a car leasing firm for a lease quote and get greeted with an operatic welcome. But that’s exactly what happened with operatic operators at the...

‘Ring-tuned Insignia GSi blasts in priced from under £35k

Vauxhall has announced prices for the all-new Insignia GSi - a real mover but with close on 200g/km CO2 is in the top band for company car tax

Job-hunting with a driving offence conviction

A motoring conviction can involve a lengthy driving ban, which not only affects your daily life but can mean job-hunting with a driving offence conviction

Government blamed as 27,000-car diesel dive drives down November registrations

UK diesel registrations down 30.6% - more than 27,000 fewer cars - on November 2016 UK new car demand falls 11.2% in November...

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