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All the latest Seat company car reviews are here.

SEAT, Leon, X-Perience, ST, EstateSEAT Leon ST X-PERIENCE 2.0-TDi SE Technology review: Rugged and practical

Story: Jonathan Burn | Posted 17 October 2014

Company Car Review on the SEAT Leon ST X-PERIENCE 2.0 TDi SE Technology What is it? THE fifth addition to the SEAT Leon lineup, the new ST X-PERIENCE. Based on the load-lugging ST estate model, this more rugged but equally as practical model brings with it permanent four-wheel drive and some added SUV-inspired styling tweaks. Two… Read more…

SEAT, Leon, ST, Ecomotive, frontSEAT Leon ST Ecomotive: appreciating its abilities

Story: Martyn Collins | Posted 14 August 2014

A last minute offer of a Range Rover saw the SEAT Leon ST Ecomotive released from Collins family holiday duties. I loved the Range Rover’s extra space, which also meant my son’s bike could come along for the journey and the built-in DVD system kept our children entertained on every trip. However, I missed the SEAT… Read more…

SEAT, Leon, ST, estateSEAT Leon ST Ecomotive: What’s it like after 1,200 miles

Story: Martyn Collins | Posted 3 July 2014

I was chuffed, it was a case of new car, new job, as after just a month working for Business Car Manager, editor Ralph announced he wanted me to run the new long-term SEAT Leon ST Ecomotive. Why was I chuffed? Well, the latest Leon is a car I’ve experienced and enjoyed in five-door hatch… Read more…

Seat, Leon, cupraSEAT Leon Cupra 280: the hottest hatch

Story: Peter Nunn | Posted 17 June 2014

Verdict:  SEAT creates a new hot hatch champ which can also double as an effective, entertaining business car  SEAT Leon Cupra 280 What is it? SEAT reworks the hot hatch formula to create this fast and sharp new Leon Cupra – think of it as a “fleet car” with a difference…. Heading up the latest… Read more…

SEAT _LeonSEAT Leon SC 1.4 TSI: what’s it like after 10,000 miles?

Story: Richard Davies | Posted 8 May 2014

Facts, figures, likes and dislikes Company car tax – £47 per month for a basic rate tax payer Official mpg – 54.3mpg Our average mpg – 46.2mpg over 2925 miles Our best mpg – 49.1mpg on a 350 mile round trip We like – economy, reliability, fun factor, usable sat nav etc We don’t like… Read more…

SEAT_Leon_SCFunny how a car can change the way you live

Story: Richard Davies | Posted 28 April 2014

Facts, figures, likes and dislikes Company car tax – £47 per month for a basic rate tax payer Official mpg – 54.3mpg Our average mpg – 43.3mpg over 5000 miles Our best mpg – 47mpg on a 400 mile round trip We like – the way it does corners, acceleration, build quality, squat, competent good… Read more…

SEAT_Leon_Ecomotive_reviewSEAT Leon Ecomotive car review – economy without compromise

Story: Luke Madden | Posted 7 April 2014

SEAT has pared back the emissions and squeezed another 11mpg out of the Leon TDI to come up with the Ecomotive. It’s hard to see the downsides.

SEAT_Leon_SCWhich SEAT Leon should you drive on 24,000 miles a year – petrol or diesel?

Story: Richard Davies | Posted 18 February 2014

SINCE my mileage is always over 2000 a month, I’ve always assumed that it’s more cost effective for me to drive a diesel as my business car. Two things have made me wonder if this was quite right. First, I happen to have had petrol and diesel versions of the SEAT Leon as my business… Read more…

SEAT_Loen_STSEAT Leon ST estate car review: they’ve only skimped on the price

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 24 January 2014

All the crisp styling, tight running costs, and driving experience of the hatchback, but in an estate car.

SEAT_Leon_ST_estate_leaseSEAT Leon ST estate on contract hire from £185 a month

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 23 January 2014

  SEAT is offering its Leon ST estate car on a contract hire lease for £185 a month. The business car lease rate applies to the Leon ST 1.6D 105PS SE model and is on a 6+35 month profile over 10,000 miles a year. It’s just £6 a month more than the equivalent SEAT Leon… Read more…