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This section is stuffed full of useful business car advice for both business car managers and business car drivers with tips on driving, car finance methods along with case studies of small businesses and business owners.

Man at laptop computerWhat’s the difference between the accounting of and the taxation of company cars?

Story: Colin Tourick | Posted 12 February 2015

I’M confused by the accounting and taxation methods of the cars we own. Are the terms interchangeable? I could do with some help. Colin Tourick – a taxation and business car specialist at Colin Tourick Associates – is just the person to give you the clarification you require. ACCOUNTING and tax are both handled by… Read more…

car accident£26m cost to business of driving accidents

Story: Matt Morton | Posted 12 December 2014

The Lex Autolease accident figures Company drivers were at fault for 49 per cent of the 44,448 accidents Almost a quarter of all accidents (24 per cent) were caused by company drivers colliding with a third party More than 3,000 drivers crashed into the back of a third party vehicle and over 2,000 hit a… Read more…

winter, driving, snow, carsHard-pressed company car drivers more likely to risk snow and ice

Story: Paul Myles | Posted 27 November 2014

COMPANY car drivers are much more likely to risk driving in winter conditions of ice and snow than private motorists, RAC research has found. The survey, which was carried out as part of the RAC’s Report on Motoring 2014, found 16% of company car drivers admitted to regularly driving in snowy conditions, compared to just… Read more…

Bluetooth links: On-board data retention is ghost in the cupboard for managersAre you letting text-addicts loose on the company’s cars?

Story: Paul Myles | Posted 20 November 2014

MOBILE phone behavioural research has revealed that business car managers may have to look out for text-addicts among their company car drivers. According to a study commissioned by US telecoms giant AT&T, people who text while driving display addiction-like behaviour that makes it difficult for them to stop, exposing them to potential accidents. Study co-sponsor… Read more…

Kiran, Devgun, Institute, of, Advanced, MotoristsWet, wet, wet

Story: Matt Morton | Posted 13 November 2014

KIRAN Devgun from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) shares her advice with company car drivers travelling in the heavy rain. With more showers on their way road surfaces are expected to get extremely slippery and dangerous. Here is her driving advice on how both riders and drivers can make their journey as safe as possible. The… Read more…

winter, driving, floods, aquaplaningSafeguard your company vehicles this winter with fuelGenie

Story: Martyn Collins | Posted 11 November 2014

THE first signs of winter are upon us, so supermarket fuel card provider, fuelGenie, is advising company vehicle owners to perform simple checks on their cars and vans to ensure drivers are safe on the roads. Over 180,000 car accidents* were caused in the UK last year due to driving in adverse weather conditions such as… Read more…

Silhouettes, people, car, parkAre you dying to get to work?

Story: Martyn Collins | Posted 4 November 2014

ARE you dying to get to work ? Well, more than 30 people die every week on UK roads – a third of them driving for work. It is not just bus, coach and truck drivers, but even motorists going to or from a meeting or appointment who are most at risk during the working… Read more…

winter, driving, snow, carsAlphabet shares top tips to stay safe on the roads this winter

Story: Martyn Collins | Posted 23 October 2014

BUSINESS mobility specialist, Alphabet, has shared its top tips to help drivers stay safe on the roads this winter. With the clocks soon changing, and the launch of a new campaign by Think! to raise awareness among drivers when driving on rural roads, simply going the extra mile and getting your vehicle ready for winter could… Read more…

MotorwayCan a mandatory motorway driving test make company car drivers safer?

Story: Paul Myles | Posted 13 October 2014

A RESOUNDING thumbs-up for mandatory motorway driving tests could boost driver safety for SME fleet operators. After motorway fatalities increased by 14% last year, a survey has revealed that 90% of motorists want a motorway driving test introduced for all drivers. Asked whether they believed all drivers should have to pass a motorway driving assessment… Read more…

apple, iwatch, twoApple smartwatch rotten for company car managers

Story: Paul Myles | Posted 29 September 2014

COMPANY car managers have been warned to take measures against employees using smartwatches such as Apple’s latest. Fleet management specialists Alphabet has joined road safety organisations including the Institute of Advanced Drivers in highlighting the risks of using smartwatches while driving. While a dangerous issue needing to be dealt with by fleet managers, it also… Read more…