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Here we have business car profiles on key automotive figures in the business car market, including interviews with the fleet and corporate managers from the UK’s car companies. We want to know what the car makers are doing to help small businesses and SMEs in the business car market, from making the car acquisition experience easier to the latest developments in low CO2 company car technology.

978_Leon_Wilce_Honda_BristolYeo Valley turns Hondas into yoghurt pots

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 31 January 2014

IT’S probably not the first thing you’d do to your company car fleet – turn it into a dairy herd of yoghurt pots. But when you are Yeo Valley Family Farms, there is a point. A very good marketing point. Makers of dairy products – including yoghurts – Yeo Valley has switched its small fleet… Read more…

New_Mercedes_C-Class10 things you should know about the new Mercedes C-Class

Story: Luke Madden | Posted 6 January 2014

A NEW Mercedes C-Class is always an important event in any business car manager or company car driver’s life. This is the fifth generation of the C-Class and it’s due to be unveiled to the public at the Detroit Show in January 2014 before going on sale in the UK in Quarter 3. So plenty… Read more…

Low CO2 emissions company carsTop 5 low emissions company cars

Story: Luke Madden | Posted 25 November 2013

WANT to lower the CO2 emissions of your small fleet? But don’t want to wear a hair shirt? Then you’d be surprised how many different types of low emissions company cars there are on the market these days. And of course low CO2 emissions equates to a low Benefit in Kind (BIK) for the car,… Read more…

Range Rover SportTop five premium off-roaders

Story: Luke Madden | Posted 28 October 2013

WITH the global market for off-roaders booming, there’s never been a better time to be a buyer on the lookout for a new premium SUV. A resurgent Land Rover is setting the bar these days but the German brands aren’t holding back from offering models packed with more technology, more ability and with lower running… Read more…

BMW_i3New AlphaElectric consultancy service takes the guess-work out of switching to electric cars

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 23 October 2013

HAVE you ever quietly fancied the lure of filling up on a three-pin plug rather than tipping greasy diesel down your car’s filler pipe? Wondered about the calming silence of electric vehicle (EV) travel on a crowded urban commute rather than the constant on-off thump as the fuel-saving stop-start system constantly shuts down and then… Read more…

Honda_Lee_WheelerHonda and local business customers

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 18 October 2013

IF you’re in the business of selling business cars to local business customers, the first place to start is with the car. Right? Err, no. Apparently not. OK, the local business angle, then? In the office we regularly have people that can get over 100mpg. Wrong again. I’m going to have to ‘phone a friend… Read more…

Phil Robson, PeugeotPeugeot wants dealers to act more like lease brokers

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 1 March 2013

Peugeot’s Phil Robson explains to Ralph Morton how Peugeot dealers will be changing their approach to SME customers. CAR and van leasing brokers have always been in touch with their local market. They know the customer levers to pull, they’ve built the relationships and provided good business lease deals for years. And now Phil Robson,… Read more…

JLR corporate sales teamJaguar Land Rover restructures corporate sales to serve SME market

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 17 February 2013

WITH 40 new products to launch over five years, there’s plenty going on at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). And not just from the product engineers. There’s been a major change in the corporate sales team, too, in order to better serve SMEs as well as the larger fleets. Led by head of corporate sales Jon… Read more…

361_Martin_Wilson_Hyundai_landscapeMartin Wilson on Hyundai’s plans for the SME company car market

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 31 January 2013

New Hyundai fleet director, Martin Wilson, gives his first interview as he outlines Hyundai’s plans for the SME company car market to editor Ralph Morton.

Skoda OctaviaWhy is the new Skoda Octavia bigger and better than anyone expected?

Story: John Griffiths | Posted 29 January 2013

The new Skoda Octavia is bigger and better than convention would expect. But what do the improvements mean for how business buyers should see the brand? John Griffiths talks to Skoda director Alasdair Stewart about the new Octavia