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John Edwards appointed managing director of new Jaguar Land Rover Individual Products Division

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 2 October 2013 | In Car news, Land Rover

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John Edwards managing director JLR Individual Products Division

John Edwards managing director JLR Individual Products Division

LAND ROVER’S global brand director – John Edwards – has a new job.

He’s been appointed managing director of a new Jaguar Land Rover division: Individual Products.

The Individual Products Division be responsible for designing and creating a range of products that extend the reach of Jaguar Land Rover brands.

So John Edwards will be responsible for everything from high value halo vehicles to lifestyle retail products such as umbrellas.

This also includes the company’s increasingly important ‘Engineered To Order’ division, that provides tailored customer products.

Some portfolio then.

Jaguar Land Rover’s chief executive, Dr Ralf Speth, commented: “The introduction of the Individual Products Division is an exciting new opportunity for Jaguar Land Rover and is designed to sharpen our relentless focus on delivering outstanding products for our customers – past, present and future. 

“John Edwards brings a wealth of experience to the role which will be integral to supporting our future growth strategy.”

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