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New Citroen vans come better equipped for business

Story: Ralph | Posted 14 February 2012 | In Car news, Citroen

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Citroen is offering upgraded Trafficmaster Smartnav and Trackstar stolen van recovery services on its Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay vans

Upgraded Trafficmaster Smartnav: bigger screen, too

Upgraded Trafficmaster Smartnav and Trackstar package

IF you’re considering a new business van this year, then navigate your way to a Citroen van dealer and check out the latest Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay panel vans.

Because you’re not going to miss another job if you buy one of these vans.

All Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay business vans, come fitted as standard with Trafficmaster Smartnav routing along with a Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking package that has just been upgraded for 2012.

So not only won’t you get lost in your van, your van won’t get lost either.

The latest Trafficmaster Smartnav has a larger colour screen.

The new 5-inch colour screen comes with:

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