new Volvo XC60
New Volvo XC60 - all models have satnav and leather
  • new Volvo XC60New Volvo XC60: order now from £37,205.
  • Three engine choices: two diesel, one petrol.
  • AWD and 8-speed auto standard.
  • Generous equipment levels.
  • Tax efficient Volvo XC60 D4 from 133g/km


WHAT better way to celebrate a birthday than by introducing a replacement for one of your biggest successes, like the Volvo XC60?

The current XC60 accounts for nearly a third of Volvo’s global sales, and on the 90th anniversary of the very first Volvo rolling off the production line the first new Volvo XC60 did likewise.

A quick glance at the spec sheet is enough to tell you the XC60 is aimed fair and square at the more luxurious end of the mid-size SUV sector.

Regardless of the variant you choose Volvo will give you all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard.

The seats will be leather, you’ll have SatNav, nine inch touchscreen, heated front seats, voice activation, LED headlights, and a power-operated tailgate. Again, all standard specification.

Oh, and because it’s a Volvo all the obligatory safety systems are standard too.

There is a choice of three trim levels on the new Volvo XC60:

  • Momentum;
  • R-Design; and
  • Inscription.

Each of these has what Volvo describes as a ‘highly specified Pro variant’.

Given all the above kit that comes as standard even the entry model Momentum is suitably well equipped, so deciding between trims is merely an exercise in personalisation.

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Reduced to their component parts, the R-Design makes the XC60 look and feel a bit sportier while the Inscription adds extra refinements and elegance.

new Volvo XC60

The Pro variant does the same again only bigger. All that really matters is that you choose the trim you want, it’s highly unlikely you will be disappointed with it.

Volvo is initially offering a choice of two diesel and one petrol engine, with a Twin Engine petrol-electric plug-in hybrid due to be added to the list later this year.

The T5 2.0-litre petrol is the most powerful engine producing 254bhp but at a cost of 39mpg and 164g/km. Not bad figures by any means but the T5 could never compete with the diesel options.

Of the two diesel engines it’s likely to be a close call between which is most popular. The D4 is marginally cheaper than the D5 PowerPulse, however the difference is so small it may encourage company car drivers to opt for a bit more power.

new Volvo XC60
Elegant interior

There is a clever little turbo in the D5 that uses compressed air to keep it spinning when the engine is running at low revs. Consequently the D5 generates more power, more quickly, and with a faster throttle response so it should be a better car to drive.

While the 190bhp D4 is a solid choice offering 54mpg and 133g/km, the 235bhp D5 is very close with 51mpg and 144g/km. Not too high a price to pay for an extra 45bhp.

The new Volvo XC60 is available to order now and first deliveries will be around Q3 of this year.

With list prices starting from £37,205 for the entry level D4 Momentum the XC60 is going to be a very popular choice for company car drivers. And for very good reason.



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