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All the latest Mercedes company car reviews are here.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid AMG Line Saloon

Mercedes-Benz C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid AMG Line Saloon review

Mercedes-Benz C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid AMG Line Saloon review What is it? When Mercedes’ new gen C Class was unveiled last year, Mercedes said it would also build and sell a C 300...
Mercedes, E-Class, styling, too, similar, to, the, bigger, E, Class

Mercedes-Benz C250 BlueTEC AMG LINE: Slippery, sporty and affordable to run

Company Car Review of the Mercedes-Benz C250 BlueTEC AMG LINE Saloon What is it? HERE'S Mercedes’ new C-Class saloon in upspec C250 AMG trim and with the company’s efficient, business friendly 2.1-litre turbodiesel providing the...
Mercedes, C-Class, Estate

Mercedes announces C-Class estate prices and specifications

Mercedes has released prices and specification details for the new C-Class estate, due in UK showrooms from September. The estate range, which closely follows the recently-launched saloon line-up, encompasses five engine options...
Mercedes, C-Class, saloon

Mercedes offers more choice for C-Class buyers

MERCEDES is already signalling a big expansion to its just-launched fourth-generation C-Class range. The starting line-up includes one petrol engine option, the 184 PS two-litre C 200, and two diesels, the C...

New Mercedes C-Class Estate: more space, more luxury, less fuel, less tax

HOT on the heals of the new Mercedes C-Class saloon (read our review) comes a first site of the new estate version which will go on sale in September. Like the saloon...

Mercedes unveils BMW X6 rival

MERCEDES appears to be testing the waters for the a possible new SUV coupe model – at least if the appearance of a new design study - the Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV...

Mercedes GLA car review – Merc joins battle for compact SUV sales

There'll be anxious looks around BMW and Audi when the new A-Class based compact SUV starts biting chunks out of their market share.
Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class car review – sleek, sporty, and looking to pull a 3 Series...

Mercedes will tell you about the design cues and the technology that's come down from the S-Class. Does it stack up?

Making your smartphone part of your car

APPLE’s new ‘CarPlay’ system, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, will resonate with business users as much as it will with fashion-conscious teenage drivers. The system effectively integrates an iPhone into the...
Gary Savage

Mercedes appoints Gary Savage as chief executive officer under new divisional business structure

MERCEDES-BENZ has appointed Gary Savage chief executive officer of the UK outfit’s Milton Keynes operation. Gary continues with his role as managing director of the cars division. The new divisional approach to Mercedes...
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