Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Our guest blogs section features paid-for editorial on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from business car leasing to driving advice. But all are based on a variety of business car management features that we think you will find interesting.

electric vehicle revolution

What’s stopping the electric vehicle revolution in business?

A Corporate Vehicle Observatory report shows UK businesses are reluctant to invest in electric vehicles, so what's stopping the electric vehicle revolution?
future of diesel

The future of diesel, the T-Charge and what this means for business owners

Everybody in the car industry is talking about the future of diesel and the electric revolution as authorities start to penalise petrol and diesel vehicles
GPS car trackers

The importance of GPS car trackers

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) has become quite important, even indispensable, for many individuals and companies, such as GPS car trackers.
public opinion of car dealerships

Could UK public opinion of car dealerships be behind drop in new car registrations?

WITH news that new car registrations were down by 6.4% in August compared to 2016, it begs the question; could it be down to public opinion of car dealerships? According to experts,...

The Benefits of DIY fleet maintenance

This content was provided on behalf of SGS Engineering EVERY business that uses many vehicles throughout its day to day running will experience problems when it comes to servicing and maintaining its...
immediate car key replacement

Find the best way to get an immediate car key replacement!

KEYS have gone through so many years of transition and the latest models of cars use different mechanisms to control features in the vehicle which can be a challenge when you...
best value subcompact cars

Three of the best value subcompact cars on the market right now

LOOKING for a used compact car? Here are three of the best value subcompact cars to keep your eyes peeled for of the dozens of superb models to choose from. Many modern-day...
road safety policy

New research shows over a fifth of UK businesses don’t have a road safety...

A NEW study from TomTom Telematics has revealed that over a fifth of UK businesses do not have a road safety policy in place. This leaves both the employees and the...
leasing for business

A guide to leasing for business

OVER the past few years, car leasing has seen a massive increase in popularity. Although there are people who are still averse to paying for something that they’ll never actually own,...
5 common sun myths

5 common sun myths every driver should know about

DID you know that you can get sunburn even when your windows are up? Many people don’t think about the level of sun protection required when driving a vehicle. If you...
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