Thursday, April 26, 2018

Company car tax to change over to new WLTP emission rules from April 2020

Company car tax is to change over to new WLTP emission rules from April 2020 in a new Department for Transport consultation proposal document
Road tax rates 2018

Road tax rates 2018 with diesel supplement

Road tax rates 2018 include a diesel supplement on first year duty for cars registered from April 2018 following a major change in the system in April 2017
diesel company car tax

800,000 drivers face £70m diesel company car tax hike

MORE than 800,000 company car drivers will pay £70m extra in diesel company car tax in 2018-19 as a result of today's Autumn Budget - including Euro 6 cars
p11d value

What’s meant by the P11D value of a company car?

WHAT’S meant by P11D value of a company car? And is it different from the On The Road (OTR) price? These are the questions company car drivers often ask. The P11D value of...
What is company van tax?

Tax: what is company van tax?

IF A driver uses a company van for private mileage, he or she must pay company van tax - the van benefit charge. It's the commercial vehicle equivalent of company car tax...
Company car woman

Company car tax explained

Here's a basic crib for what every company car manager and business car driver needs to know about the dreaded tax. Sneak a look if you're in doubt.
CO2 tax banding

New 2020/21 company car tax bands favour ultra low emission vehicles

SIGNIFICANT changes have been made to company car tax benefit-in-kind bands starting from tax year 2020/21, first mooted in 2016 and finally confirmed in autumn 2017. The changes affect ultra-low emission vehicles...
Fiat Fullback double cab

Tax: what is company double cab pick up tax?

DOUBLE cab pick ups have come a long way from just being the farmer's friend or a utilitarian vehicle supporting builders. They are now built to suit all purposes - from the original...
New Ford Ranger Double-Cab Pickup

Double-Cab Pick-up tax change could hit company car drivers

HANDS up if your company vehicle is a double-cab pick-up? Or a double cab van? If your hand is down you’re fine. If it isn’t you could be facing a huge increase...

Cash-for-car: beware the new tax trap

CASH-FOR-CAR is usually provided by employers as part of a flexible benefits package. Given the choice of a company car or a cash alternative, the cash in the bank might well prove...
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