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Cash-for-car: beware the new tax trap

CASH-FOR-CAR is usually provided by employers as part of a flexible benefits package. Given the choice of a company car or a cash alternative, the cash in the bank might well prove...
should I drive when I'm pregnant

Should I drive when I’m pregnant?

SHOULD I drive when I'm pregnant? The short answer for company car drivers and business owners is - of course you should! Driving while pregnant is fine; so long as you’re feeling...
What is PCH

What is PCH (Personal Contract Hire)?

PCH (Personal Contract Hire) in brief Effectively long-term car rental over a set period of time and mileage Also known as personal leasing The car is returned to the leasing company...
Why car leasing is so tax efficient

Why car leasing is so tax efficient

IF more than half of all new company cars registered each year are funded using contract hire leasing, then there must be some benefits that come with it. You’re probably wondering why,...
daily rental car

Advice for a start up wanting to lease a car

Should a start up run her car through the business or personally?  I HAVE recently set up my own small business and want to lease a new car. I am just wondering whether it...
short-term leasing

Economic conditions to boost short-term leasing

What is short-term leasing? The provision of a car from three months to six months Longer periods are available - known as medium term leasing - from six months to 18...
Man with hands on steering wheel

Lite Lease: how to make car leasing fit your needs – and not the...

DOES a positive start to 2017 see you employing staff on a temporary basis who need transport, or do you need vehicles for a short-term requirement? Perhaps sales have really started to...
end-of-contract lease car

How to deal with a damaged end-of-contract lease car

WHEN you choose to lease your new car, one of the main responsibilities is keeping it in the best condition possible in time for the final handover of your end-of-contract lease car...
Academy Leasing solutions

Academy Leasing solutions to source vehicles and much more

VEHICLES. Most of us drive one, but we all have different personal tastes, needs and opinions when it comes to what we sit in and live with, as well as how...
BMW 1 Series

What is daily rental?

Daily rental is the provision of a vehicle - car or van - on a temporary basis. The period can range from one day up to six months - longer if...
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