Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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What are the benefits of Arval contract hire?

IF you’re an SME and thinking about using contract hire for the first time – perhaps through leasing provider Arval – what should you look for? Did you know? Contract hire works for...
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Five things to consider before you contract hire

Contract hire can be a very savvy way to fund your company vehicles. We take a look at five major considerations to consider before you contract hire. Are you VAT registered? The first...
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How leasing can make your company cars more tax efficient

WHEN an SME makes the decision to provide its employees with a company car, there is a lot more to consider than just the cost of the vehicle itself. How you choose to...
Business man ponders using contract hire

What is contract hire?

CONTRACT hire is the most popular way of leasing a business car. More than half of all new company cars registered each year are funded using contract hire leasing. So how does it...
Businesswoman considering moving to contract hire

Moving from finance lease to contract hire

VIRGIN Media has recently moved its entire fleet from finance lease to contract hire. Why would it do that? What are the advantages of contract hire for an SME business? Or is it just best for larger companies with bigger fleets? Business Car Manager editor, Ralph Morton, files this special report.
New Hyundai website includes section for business car managers and drivers

New Hyundai website includes section for business car managers and drivers

Story: COLIN DAWSON Hyundai’s new website includes a section especially for business car managers and company car drivers. The ‘Fleet area’ of the recently launched site at www.hyundai.co.uk has useful tools that...
Tim Rosser, Turning Circle Solutions

I’m over my contract mileage – what should I do?

Tim Rosser has found his business changing. And that means spending more time on the road. But it's putting him over his contracted mileage. What should he do? Daimler Fleet Management's Dean Woodward supplies some answers.
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