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SME business motoring and fleet management

All the latest news on managing business cars, from vehicle financing, maintenance, telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management for SMEs with company cars and small fleets

Businessman using fleet management

What is fleet management?

OUTSOURCING: it’s a familiar business practice.  Non-core activities are delegated to an outside specialist. Internal resources are focused on the business's key operation. Which is exactly the idea behind fleet management. Instead of trying...
Paul Brown Cars on Demand

Top 10 fleet car management tips for SMEs

PAUL Brown, owner and managing director of Wakefield-based short term vehicle leasing company Cars on Demand – that also incorporates supercar hire company Supercars on Demand – believes in providing UK...
CD Auction Group

How to maximise the value of your company cars when you sell

CD Auction Group are no strangers when it comes to moving vehicles on; in fact, fleets across the country with between 100 and 500 cars and commercials are trusting them to...
Your Fleet Partner

Have a fleet department – without the cost

What would fleet management do for my business? Ensure you are Duty of Care compliant Monitor vehicle tax, MoTs, servicing, fuel costs Breakdown cover Access to 24-hour accident management cover One-number...

Add Seal beats the tyre let down

The only thing you can guarantee about a puncture in these days when a spare wheel is an increasing rarity is that it will come at the wrong time, in the...

How to simplify your company vehicle fuel management online

ADMINISTRATION issues for SMEs surrounding the reclamation of fuel expenses are a real headache when claims and receipts are involved. Of course, they all need to be submitted and checked manually,...
Andy, Brown, CD, Auctions

How to save time and money with CD Fleet Services online company vehicle auction

4 easy steps to selling with CD Fleet Services Vehicles collected Refurbishment & appraisal Marketing Online auction CD Auction Group has created a new trading division dedicated to looking after the needs of leasing and contract...
Fuel Genie

How to save 3 pence per litre on company diesel

IT may seem to be a bold headline, but saving fuel for UK businesses is what fuelGenie is all about. fuelGenie provides companies with cards for their drivers to use when filling...
Smartgate from Skoda

New Skoda Fabia offers basic telematics SmartGate package

Skoda Fabia SmartGate New Fabia comes with an optional new SmartGate function Enables display, storage and use of selected vehicle data on Apple iOS and Android smartphones Drive app can show a driver how...

How to maximise your car selling price online

It is not a new concept to sell your cars online to a company that specialises in providing you with an offer price based on your vehicle details. However, there is one...
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