Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Jaguar I-Pace at Heathrow airport

200-car electric Jaguar I-Pace fleet for Heathrow chauffeur service

Today has seen the announcement of a 200-car electric Jaguar I-Pace fleet for Heathrow chauffeur service as Heathrow airport extends its air quality plan to reduce emissions
new Porsche Charging Service introduced with Cayenne E-Hybrid

New Porsche Charging Service offered with Cayenne E-Hybrid

Porsche is introducing Porsche Charging Service, giving access across all public providers of charging services
New Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

New Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid expands range

The new Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid offers more available performance thanks to 918 Spyder ‘boost’ concept and low CO2 emissions making it a competitive company car proposition for SME directors with a 16% company car tax banding
BMW i3 using an InstaVolt rapid charger which will be free to use during May

EVs get free charge up boost from Instavolt

  IT'S not as if electric vehicles cost that much to run. But during May the cost of charging will be - well, absolutely nothing if you use an InstaVolt rapid charger. InstaVolt...
BMW ix3 Concept

BMW shows electric iX3 SUV concept

IT might be a concept but it looks pretty close to how an electric version of BMW's next X3 should look. Because at the Beijing Motor Show, BMW debuted this iX3 Concept. Intriguing,...
Renault Zoe electric vehicle

The three most common questions asked about EVs

What are the three most common questions asked before customers go electric? Ben Fletcher, Renault’s EV expert, explains what they are
Nissan Leaf Tekna review

Nissan Leaf Tekna 40 KW auto review

The new Nissan Leaf really takes the design of electric cars to another level - and right into the mainstream. But what are they like to drive? Here's our top of the range Tekna 40 KW auto review
Hydrogen pump under the canopy at Shell Beaconsfield

New Shell hydrogen refuelling station at M40 Beaconsfield services

Shell has opened a new hydrogen refuelling station on the M40 Beaconsfield services that places the hydrogen pump under the canopy with petrol and diesel pumps

Nissan Leaf Tenka 40 KW auto review

This new, sleeker electric Leaf is a significant step up in terms of range, charging, design, tech and driving appeal, read our full review here.
POLAR network expands with 70 rapid chargers

POLAR network expands with 70 rapid chargers within M25

The UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network, POLAR, now has 70 rapid chargers within the M25 to provide quick and convenient charging for electric vehicle drivers, particularly those without off-street parking, and those driving in to and out of the capital.
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