Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Toyota Mirai outside the Oxford Hydrogen Hub

New Hydrogen Hub opens in Oxford

A new Hydrogen Hub has opened at Said Business School, providing hydrogen refuelling and a centre of excellence in Oxford for hydrogen projects for local businesses as part of Oxford City's ambitious plans to have the UK's first Zero Emission Zone
Bannatyne Health Clubs get electric charging facilities

Bannatyne Health Clubs get electric charging facilities

MEMBERS at Bannatyne Health Clubs will soon be able to charge their electric cars while they’re taking part in a spin class or yoga class. Working with charging company InstaVolt, Duncan Bannatyne’s...
All-Electric Future

Changes as we move towards an all-electric future

As we move towards an all-electric future, it is important to look at how the landscape will change in the coming years in the automotive industry. As the electric car revolution...
Renault Zoe

Zoe gets more zap

A new 80kW electric motor for Zoe is being introduced in model year 2018 changes for Renault’s electric hatchback to give it extra zap at higher speeds
Rapid charging comes to the A3

Rapid charging installed at A3 Liphook North

Rapid charging has been installed at the A3 Liphook North services on the northbound approach going towards London, meaning drivers can charge up in 20 minutes
InstaVolt chargers

Charge up your EV at a fuel filling station

Cornwall Garage Group, which owns 18 fuel filling forecourts across England, has announced plans to install rapid electric vehicle chargers from InstaVolt
Woman charging Renault Zoe

Help to transition your SME business to green cars

Transitioning your SME small fleet to greener technologies can be a daunting prospect. But Arval is offering help with its Electric Vehicle programme
EV experience day

CLM EV experience day proves major success

AN inaugural EV experience day providing electric vehicle experience and education for CLM fleet clients has been voted a resounding success. It involved leading EV manufacturer Renault and the UK’s largest...
2,000 new POLAR chargers

Chargemaster gives 2,000-charger boost for POLAR network

Chargemaster is giving a 2,000-charger boost for POLAR network customers, the UK’s largest public network, including around 400 rapid chargers
£9.8m V2G government grant

Vehicle-to-grid evaluation for EV fleet payback wins government grant

Nissan has welcomed a £9.8m V2G government grant for a Vehicle-to-Grid evaluation for EV fleet payback involving a 1000-installation demonstration
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