Monday, June 18, 2018
Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV

SUV growth unaffected by peaking UK car market

SUV growth has been unaffected by a peaking UK car market - and is the sector that is destined for further growth according to JATO analyst Felipe Munoz
Roger Hancock Thrifty

Why Thrifty is changing its management structure

Thrifty Car and Van Rental is changing its management structure with the introduction of Martin Wilson as Managing Director. Is former MD Roger Hancock going to take a back seat now?

RVs and strong lease prices will help launch Focus

The Managing Director of Ford, Andy Barratt, believes that good RVs, backed by strong leases, will help re-establish Focus with fleets
Peter McDonald SEAT head of fleet

SEAT storms fleet tables

SEAT storms fleet tables as the Spanish brand, underpinned by VW Group tech, heads for greater penetration of fleet sales in the UK, says head of fleet Peter McDonald
London Chariot commuter shuttle

Ford’s new London Chariot commuter shuttle ride-sharing service first in Europe

Chariot commuter shuttle in London Chariot is part of Ford Smart Mobility Chariot's first European commuter shuttle service 14 minibuses will operate four routes, use London’s bus lanes, offer Wi-Fi and...
B segment SUV

B segment SUV heads for a 30% sales rise in 2018

WHATEVER happens to the 2018 new car market, one market segment will make headlines - supermini-sized crossovers, the B segment SUV. In fact the trend towards high-riding, tough-looking cars is forecast to...
split Subaru and Isuzu brands

IM to split Subaru and Isuzu brands to make Subaru fastest growing brand in...

IM is to split its Subaru and Isuzu brands in a major restructure, as it looks to boost Subaru sales in the UK with greater penetration into small business fleets. In comes...
Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi 130 Tekna+ 2WD

2017 stats show European diesel share down 7.9% to 10-year low while SUVs soared...

European market 2017 highlights Diesel car registrations fell by 7.9% to 6.76 million in 2017, representing just 43.7% of market share - the lowest for the segment in the last decade ...
£9.8m V2G government grant

Government backing for Vehicle-to-Grid payback evaluation welcomed

£9.8m for V2G project. Project will see 1000 Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charger installations in the UK that will evaluate a commercial offer to electric vehicle fleet customers. Chargers will be controlled by...
Arval clears the air

Arval clears the air on diesel

ARVAL clears the air on diesel in a new white paper, sharing its views as an expert on the use of diesel in vehicle fleets. Indeed, Arval, a world leader in the...
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