Monday, April 23, 2018

Maske Fleet offers EV80 electric vans as Maxus accelerates European delivery

Maske Fleet drives electric van leasing Maske Fleet is among the first leasing companies in Europe to offer large electric vans Europe’s first large electric panel vans delivered to German courier...
North East Autism Society minibus

Activa Contracts equips 60-vehicle fleet with Lightfoot tech

Activa Contracts has equipped the 60-vehicle fleet of the North East Autism Society with Lightfoot driver technology for duty of care and fuel saving
Hitachi has supplied a fleet of 51 Kias

Hitachi supplies petrol car fleet to replace diesel vans for meter readers

Hitachi funds Kia fleet 51 Picanto cars taken by IMServ Customer wanted to reduce diesel fleet Petrol hatchbacks preferred to diesel vans Economical model picked to help cut environmental  impact HITACHI has...
Amey signs Hitachi

Amey signs Hitachi to fund and manage entire 8,500-vehicle specialist fleet

Hitachi wins Amey fleet management deal Amey entrusts entire fleet of 8,500+ vehicles to Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions in six-year agreement to summer 2022 Management of nationwide fleet of cars, light...
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