Saturday, February 24, 2018
Ashley Sowerby MD Chevin

What will we do with fleets’ precious data mountain?

There will be parties who want to keep close control over their data for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from basic concerns over information security through to less open-handed motives THE...
Gerry Keaney, BVRLA chief executive

Time to take stock on transport changes says BVRLA chief

In many cases, these changes are bringing huge administrative and cost savings to fleets. But not always. Some of the changes have been rushed through and poorly communicated, with too little...
MIKE Potter from Fleetdrive

The Mike Potter Column: BVRLA audit regime will help us build on broker strengths

The BVRLA now has more than 200 leasing broker members, who are providing vital support to SMEs requiring finance and committed to delivering professional service by working with BVRLA leasing companies...
Gavin Davies

From Up Top: Gavin Davies of Alphabet

ALPHABET Partner has proved a real success in its first year with a select network of top brokers handling more than £100 million of car leasing business. Gavin Davies of Alphabet - head of indirect sales - explains the...
Rupert Pontin, head of valuations, Glass’s

Clocking – the problem of mileage adjustment

In the May Editorial Glass's looked at what we referred to as the "Elephant in the Room" and discussed the re-emergence of the practice of clocking. The number of vehicles that are...
LeasePlan confirms profit up 14%

LeasePlan: Reaction to Budget

Matthew Dyer, LeasePlan UK Managing Director: “Only 112 days after the last Budget, Chancellor George Osborne has made another round of funding cuts. Echoing the statement made in March, the Chancellor...
MIKE Potter from Fleetdrive

The Mike Potter column: broker success continues

THE leasing broker sector is one of the BVRLA’s biggest success stories. In just over five years, the number of BVRLA leasing brokers has increased from 11 to around 200. Much of that...
Jaguar XE Euro 6 diesel

No justification for discrimination against Euro 6 diesel tech says ACEA

THE European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) has voiced its surprise and disappointment at yesterday’s announcement that Euro 6 diesel cars will not be included in Category 1 of the new French colour...
LPG Refuelling

Why the air quality minister should support increased LPG take up

Why LPG? Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LP Gas, is a derivative of two large energy industries: natural gas processing and crude oil refining LPG is used across the world as a source of energy...
Mike Hawes

The issues facing car and van sales in 2015

WE'VE had a booming March in terms of car and van sales. But will it be sustained? And what might blow sales off course? We believe car sales will stabilise because car...
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