Saturday, March 24, 2018

Mileage allowance

Keeping an accurate record of your business mileage is critical, whether you are a sole trader, a business car manager, or a company driver. HMRC has a task force out to look through SME business mileage records – with punitive fines for mileage recording errors.

Woman with alarm clock

Women blitz men on tax returns – but do they know correct business mileage...

TAX returns. Not filled in yours yet? Well, you're not alone, as for every 10,000 tax returns returned to the HMRC from men, 394 were filed after the relevant deadline (31 October on...
Electric car charging

Electric car business mileage rates

COMPANY car owners who have electric cars are in for a shock. They might be able to charge their company car but they can’t charge for business mileage. And the reason, according to...

e-fleet business mileage app gets thumbs up from small fleet operator

KEEPING an accurate log of business mileage is an essential part of working life, and one that many company car drivers struggle to keep on top of. In an effort to make...
Woman looking out of window at her Suzuki car

As MP claims 3p for one car trip, are you claiming the correct business...

WOULD you claim 3p for a 100m car journey? We suspect not; and more to the point, we expect your business car manager or company director would throw out such a penny-pinching...

Daikin stays cool on HMRC business mileage compliance

HMRC is continuing its SME Business Record Checks programme. And one of the items the taxman is looking for in your company’s record keeping is accurate business mileage records. HMRC says that its...
How To claim your business mileage

How to claim your business mileage

Whether you drive a company car, or use your own car on business, you'll need to reclaim, or account for your business mileage. What do you need to know?
Business mileage

Companies in the dark over correct business mileage rates

AN astonishing 25% of larger companies don't know how much they pay their staff for driving their own private cars on company business. The frank confession highlights a worrying lack of cost...

New app keeps track of business mileage

THERE’S a new smartphone app on the market - which comes with a promise to reduce business mileage costs. Launched by TMC it connects to the company’s award-winning Mileage Audit system. The Mileage...

AA app to track your business mileage

EVER wondered whether or not your business mileage expense claims are accurate? The AA has just launched a brand-new online tool to help. It provides accurate figures for business mileage expense claims. The...
Audi online fuel cost calculator

Audi launches online fuel cost calculator

  COMPANY car drivers have another online tool to help them work out their business motoring costs. Audi's online fuel cost calculator allows business motorists to compare different models in the Audi...
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