Saturday, March 24, 2018

Car rental

Car rental is the provision of a car - or van - for a set period of time, from one day to as long as three months (ofter referred to as flexi-rental). Rental is a good way for small businesses to access the latest cars when they are required without requiring to pay the standing costs associated with a company car.

Keep staff on the move cost-effectively

How can small businesses keep people on the move but cut travel costs? Neil McCrossan, chief executive of SME business Nexus, explains the rental approach.

565 – Recognising business heroes

IT'S not often we get to hear about the behind-the-scenes activities – the human endeavour – that underpins business car financial services. Usually in this magazine it's about the operational benefits, or...
Daily rental firm Avis has launched a new business to business service suitable for van operators called Avis Commercial Vehicles

Avis – a new place to get your daily rental vans

Daily rental company Avis expands with corporate van hire offering THE timing couldn't be better for small businesses needing to operate in London with the onset of the Low Emission Zone: a...

477 – Businesses look to daily rental to preserve cash says Ford’s Kevin Griffin

IT'S always a pleasure to meet up with Kevin Griffin, fleet boss of Ford, for a spot of lunch and to catch up on what's happening in the market from Ford's...

Peugeot launches flexible mobility service

DO YOU sometimes need a bigger car? Or a van every now and again? Or would you like something a bit more exciting to drive than your faithful business car for a weekend break?

A new service from Peugeot might be a simple solution to these needs. Mu by Peugeot is a cross between a car club and a daily rental service. It's being piloted at two Peugeot dealers

393 – Private cars on business or car rental: which is cheaper?

According to Nexus, it would be cheaper to use a daily rental car than my Audi A6 for a business journey recompensed through AMAPs Business Car Manager: Editor's Blog THE public sector is...

382 – Cash or car?

A NEIGHBOUR of mine contacted me today for advice on the offer he had been made. A cash for car allowance of £4000 per annum plus 40p per mile for all...

333 – Corporate Manslaughter fines: what should we make of this?

SO THE Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC) suggests your company will pay a minimum £500,000 fine. This would occur if the health and safety structure of your business was so lax it...

296 – Overloaded car dangers

October: back to university time for undergraduates Staying safe and lawful on the road THIS story on overloading caught my eye, partly because we are in the midst of looking at potential universities...
Volvo C30 SportsCoupe

Drive carbon neutral

AS BUSINESSES focus on their carbon footprint, Nexus has launched an innovative solution that sets a benchmark for the rental industry. Neil McCrossan from Nexus reports.
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