About us

Business Car Manager (www.BusinessCarManager.co.uk)  is the business motoring information website for small businesses and SME firms.

You should be reading Business Car Manager if you are:


  • a small business owner;
  • a small company;
  • self-employed;
  • in a business partnership;
  • a director of an SME (small- and medium-sized enterprises) business; and
  • if your are a company car driver for an SME company.

In fact, anyone who runs a small business, whether it’s a micro business (1-9 employees), a small business (10-49 employees), or a medium-sized business (50-249 employees).

Business Car Manager provides expert information and best practice about the issues of running company cars on your business in simple language – whether that’s to do with company car tax, car leasing, or the correct pence per mile rates you should be using. Or if you run your own private car on business, then you’ll need to know how best to claim tax-free business mileage.

We cover topics for the single owner-driver vehicle to a more complex sub-50 vehicle set-up. This ranges from car leasing, car finance, company car tax, fuel cards, corporation tax on cars to duty of care issues.

For company car drivers, there’s our company car tax calculator, pence per mile business mileage costs as well as our company car reviews – not forgetting our run down of the best company cars you can choose in our SME Company Car of the Year awards.

And while you’ll find our website and newsletters packed with information vital to your company cars, what you won’t find is fleet jargon: we use plain English that every business can understand.

Business Car Manager: making company cars simple.