MINI Cooper 1.5 five-door
Boxes show load capacity

The other thing I continue to appreciate about this Cooper five-door is the spec.

The optional £2,710 fitted Tech Pack isn’t cheap, but I’ve come to rely on the excellent Professional Nav system and the punchy Harmon Kardon sound system livens up every trip.

On the flip side, with the rear camera and parking sensors, it’s really all the kit the business user is ever going to need.
I’ve even warmed to the British Racing Green paint and how it works with the 17-inch Cosmos Spoke alloy wheels and other black highlights.

Maybe MINI will forget I still have this car, I can hope!

MINI Cooper 1.5 5th
British Racing Green grows on you
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Boxes show load capacity|British Racing Green grows on you|
  • List price: £16,170
  • Five-door hatch
  • 136bhp 1.5-litre 3-cyl Euro 6 turbo petrol/6-speed manual
  • CO2; BIK: 109g/km; 20%
  • Economy (combined)/ours: 60.1mpg/37.8mpg
  • 0-62mph/top speed: 8.2sec/129mph

Martyn’s still got the five-door for now…

AS I write after almost 6,000 miles, it’s still business as usual for the British Racing Green 1.5-litre Cooper five-door that I’ve been lucky enough to drive for the past seven months.
Although, I’m expecting a call or email any day now from a man at MINI arranging to pick this car up and I reckon it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.

Given the slightly awkward five-door styling, I was worried whether this Cooper was going to be practical enough after its predecessor a MINI Clubman Cooper D, as many trips involve taking my wife and two young children along too.

Despite the fact there’s less rear legroom (I have missed the extra width of the Clubman too), I’ve never had any complaints from the back of this five-door.

The 278-litre boot continues to be surprisingly practical too, whether it’s full of luggage, parts for another of my cars or even the week’s shopping – the false floor giving welcome extra space or just somewhere to hide valuables.

In fact, most recently this MINI’s load area impressed again, easily swallowing two big storage boxes following a clearout of our lock-up.

Despite the mileage under its wheels, this Cooper’s sharp steering, grippy, roll-free handling and slick six-speed manual gear change remain as sharp as day one.
It really has all the New MINI driving characteristics buyers know and love.

In fact, compared again to the Clubman, the Cooper five-door’s smaller dimension has made this car feel even more MINI-like. I’m lucky enough to drive a variety of cars and I can safely say that I have never been bored behind the wheel of this car, even with the relatively modest 136bhp – on most roads this MINI really entertains!

Most of that entertainment has come from the 1.5-litre TwinPower turbo petrol engine, which as the miles have piled on has got smoother and more willing. Going from the diesel Clubman to the Cooper petrol fuel consumption was a worry.

Admittedly, it’s not a fan of short trips, this engine’s economy excelled on the motorway and the most I’ve seen was 330 miles to a tank, or about 37.8mpg.

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