ODO fleet management for SMEs with company cars
ODO is providing fleet management for SMEs via Oracle cloud
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MOST small businesses will have come across QuickBooks, the accounting software in the cloud, at some time in their life.

Well the new ODO product is like QuickBooks – but for your company cars.

It’s a cloud based Software as a Service fleet management tool – which sounds like industry speak. Put it another way, with a simple dashboard it manages all the cars you run on your business.

So whether that’s your company cars, or private cars your staff use on business, it will organise them for you so your business can stay legally compliant.

And the good thing is it costs nothing to try it for a month; and thereafter £5 a vehicle, paid by direct debit each month.

For an SME small fleet of 10 company cars that’s a simple £50 a month.

There is a cheaper £3 a month ‘professional package’ but that doesn’t deliver driver licence checks. Which to stay compliant you would probably need.

So what does it help an SME do?

  • Provides MoT alerts for company cars
  • Driver licence checks for free
  • Checks insurance status of your ‘grey fleet’ drivers (those that drive their own cars for work)
  • Provides servicing alerts
  • Delivers tracking ability so you know where your company cars are located

ODO’s general manager, Gordon Lyster, said:

“ODO addresses the issues of managing SME small fleets which many small businesses struggle with day to day.

“It helps managers track costs, vehicle usage levels, maintenance and servicing records, run driver licence checks and more. The intelligence that ODO provides helps fleets stay the right side of the law when it comes to compliance and crucially for firm’s bottom lines it will mean that at last they have a way to keep costs down.”

ODO is a product of automotive tech company Drive Software Solutions which has been handling complex fleet management for large fleets. Partners include data providers cap hpi and Oracle for the cloud based software.

Some of the features provided by ODO

  • Basic fleet dashboard
  • Work authorisation
  • Basic vehicle data
  • Document upload
  • Driving licence details
  • Employee/ driver details
  • MOT service scheduling
  • P11D data display by driver
  • RFL/ VED expiry
  • Vehicle + driver allocation
  • Vehicle de-fleet
  • Workflow (to do list)
  • Full pricing data from CAP
  • Acquisitions
  • Disposals
  • Grey-fleet insurance details
  • Bulk vehicle loader
  • Full service scheduling
  • Linked drivers (family etc)
  • Vehicle fines
  • DVLA licence checks
  • Grey-fleet MIB insurance checks
  • Driver reminders (workflow – email)

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